Thursday, 13 March 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:23 pm
I drove to the Northern town where the factory shop book said there was a walking boot store. Sadly it had closed down recently.

Stopped off on route home at another millstore and found a great pair of walking boots at half the retail price. The had just one pair in my size. Perfect you are screaming. They were waterproof, lightweight and very very comfortable. The draw back they didn't take cheques, so alas, I couldn't buy a pair.
My parents oooed at the price when I told them how much they were. It's unlikely they'll loan me the money for a pair so I'm stuck with the crocs, which means that muddy tracks are off limits till the weather improves.

The lack of freedom that my new financial status finds me in feels stiffling, even though obviously i'm not. I am seriously sulking, the rain has kept me in.

On a lighter note I did find an overnight bag for a bargain price of £4.00 so I have a luxurious bag to put my swimming kit in. Muttering with disappointment.

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