Monday, 17 March 2008

Reverse Reservoir

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:44 pm

Rewind. Today I took my walk in reverse. NO I did not walk backwards I simply took the path in the opposite direction from the pay and display car park, which currently has no payment box on it. I took my camera with me, the posh one, not the usually camera but alas the batteries had run out so I managed two shots before the thing conked out on me. This was really distressing as 1/3 of the journey through the path, there was a tree decorated with plastic eggs and fluffy easter bunnies. Attatched was a card in German, which read in English. Happy Easter everyone love from.... That would have been quite a thing to capture in the woods. Perhaps it will be there tomorrow. But I'm not a patient person as you can tell.

So many dogs were wet on the path, covered in mud. And yes I did brave the mud above. And avoided the thwhip of the angler's lines as they fished.

I am relieved there is less junk food in the house. The scales showed a giant fluctuation upwards this morning. I'm hoping that it's just an abheration. But I am feeling in control today, for how long I don't know. Life is falling into a set routine at the minute. Still ignoring the sale of my house. We'll see what the post brings this week. Do look after yourselves readers and get out walking when you come home with flushed pink cheeks like mine you will be glad you did...

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