Sunday, 16 March 2008

Muddy Feet, muddy soul.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:27 pm

At last I have been on another walk and I feel really great for it. Today is a good day I feel on track and fit and healthy. I am howvere noticing a few things as I walk.

The first is the mud. Rainfall makes even accessable paths muddy. Theres always one big puddle I have to wade through. I do need those boots. Roll on Pay Day! Another thing i've noticed is walls and lichen. I'm obsessed with the colour and textures of dry stone walls. Am I unique in this? I get disappointed when the capstones are cemented down or the stone isn't old enough to attract green or blue lichen.

Whilst I'm in great spirits I will confess a few things to you dear reader. I am no longer snacking in between meals-victory. But what I am doing, which is rather sneaky, is adding junk food to my the meals a day so that I don't feel deprived!
Also mum went out last night and bought a chocolate bar for each of us at 10pm last night. This formed part of my breakfast. My parents don't understand the phrase I don't want you to buy me a chocolate bar.

The biscuits have all gone from the cupboard. There is only cake left. Whatever will we do as a family? Fortunately I have apricot and cashew nut chocolate hidden in as well as a bar of after eight mint. I really am worried about deprivation. Heaven only knows why!

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