Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Boots at last!

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:30 pm

Yesterday was pretty much a wash out. We took dad to the airport and then mum and I went to the hospital and sat there for four hours so we didnt waste petrol going home! Exercise was off. I have lost one pound! The cats have been attacking my parent's cat, so inorder to calm it down my mother gave it some salmon to aenethatise it's emotions. I swear my parent's cat is an emotional eater.

Today was much brighter. I received some money from an unexpected source so I decided to get my half price walking boots. I was worried about not having hiking socks, but I was prepared to wait. Imagine my delight when the woman said, "And do you want your free pair of socks with the boots?" Someone is looking out for me. I am so greatful! I actually received a three pack of socks worth £9.99. Bargain!

I had to test my boots out up my favourite hillwalk. See my boots ontop of the bench where i stopped to subathe a little.

I have decided to cut out sugar from my diet. Out go the biscuits, the cakes, the chocolate. In comes better food. I am cooking carrot and corriander soup tonight. The secret ingredient is...nutmeg. Prepare for a messy kitchen...

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Jane on 19/3/08 4:36 pm said...

Hi Stella

I love those boots, I want some! Are they those lightweight ones? Free socks as well, brilliant! Hope you manage to get out more now that you have your new footwear, you'll be able to walk miles lol :-) Good luck.

stellaswift on 21/3/08 7:12 pm said...

Thanks Jane. It's as lovely as ever to hear from you. Yes the boots are light weight and waterproof so they made light work of the mud.

All i need now is clement weather. Here's hoping.

BEst wishes for Easter


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