Sunday, 9 March 2008

Freewheeling downhill

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:25 pm
I took my walk up the hill again today as the last two days have been quite small feats of effort on my part. I found i was gasping for breath most of the way up.

Today I am somewhat settled about my weight. Watching the walkers come up hill as well as the mountain bikers. They had such a tough struggle. Yet, they had the most fun coming downhill, freewheeling in the breeze- what a rush that must be. I admired their determination on the way up but their rewards for struggle were the greatest. I wonder if i will ever be fit enough to cycle uphill again.

There was a small child on the hillside crying. That is kind of where i'd be if i was walking up the steep side of the hill.

I need to plan my meals so much better and then I can feel safe for my day ahead. Not yet cooking the way I should do because i'm not in charge of the ingredients we have in the house.

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