Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A Bridge Too Far

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 5:33 pm

Feeling downright dispirited today, perhaps because it's raining. Went for my walk late and i felt off edge. I sat in the car for two minutes, watching the very light rain, thinking I really don't want to go on this walk today. My adult voice said come on you have weight to lose. So after a two minute struggle I went out and walked for a palsly 35 minutes. Win to me.

It was then that I was actually chased round the park by a hound called Ruby. I don't know why I upset the poor pet so much maybe he knew what a foul mood i was in.

I prepared tea when I got in. I ate my desert as the meal was reheating in the microwave. Looked at the food on my plate and picked at it. At a small handful of nuts and one piece of chocolate. I was stupid to prepare food when I wasn't hungry. Today has been a tough day trying to establish what's happening with my finances, which accounts for my low spirits and my desire to actually eat. I have turned down my parent's invitation of chicken and chips.

Received a lovely letter from a friend today, in response to my recent post. It made me feel all warm and treacly inside. I really do need a support network and it looks like I have one.

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Michael Donovan on 5/3/08 7:29 pm said...

My sweet girl. I love you. You have the best heart.


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