Saturday, 9 February 2008

Wherin sexiness is discussed briefly...

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:21 am
I am safely ensconsed at my parent's house for a while. My mother is coming out of hospital today and dad has had his new boiler fitted- joy of joys. The boiler man was and i quote "twice the size of you. He didn't go upstairs".Love the critisism for the man and criticism for me there! Does anyone else's boiler sound like a jet plane taking off?

The cats didn't take to the journey too kindly and it was discovered when I got to my parents house that i hadn't packed their sodding cat food. So they were on you guessed it on the diet food. They were overjoyed to tuck into their new food this morning however.It is a pleasure to see them relishing thier grub. That is where i will leave them snoozing post breakfast.

Yesterday was interesting. I was chatting oline to a bunch of strangers as I am wont to do when I get a trifle bored. I was experimenting trying to guage who actually wanted to read this blogspot. I began chatting to a very insteresting fellow.

I thought I would try out my blog with him. He was a good egg and duly went away and read the whole thing or at least enough of it to work out I wasn't happy with my weight. He then asked me a question with the greatest sense of sincerity. "Are you sad about your weight?" I explained why I wanted to lose weight. Then in the most confidential of ways he slipped me a web site. I was curious. I opened the home page; it was for erotic veluptuous women! Imagine my surprise.

I didn't actually look at the site although I was sorely tempted. They were making the distinction between bbw and veluptuous women. What the distinction is I can't say. Then this charming young man confesed to me that He "loved large ladies". I questionned him further. It seems that his online friends knew about his love of the larger lady but his actual friends at his home did not. Hiding his loves no doubt.

Later on I was chatting to another friend who got really cross that weight is the scape goat for societies evils. He actually ranted. I was so proud of him...

Of course I am all for people being able to accept their weight's just that this weight isn't right for me. Do i feel less sexy? No. Sexy isn't a dress size, it's an attitude. Yesterday I was walking down the pavement on my daily walk when I was tooted at by a young man in a car! I was well dressed and obviously shaking my thang! It was definately a toot of approval...I was confused I am used to being anonymous in the street. If I could have blushed I would. My whole point is that people can be fat if the want to be, it's their choice and it certainly doesn't make them less human.

I am currently reading a "nonsense" book to weight losss. One of the exercises in there is to learn to be disgusted with fat people. There is a small proviso in there 3/4 of the way through the book which says you are not hating the people themselves just the fat but on balance the author i think is saying fat people suck. It is truly reprehensible. I know who i'd like to spend my time with...

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Portia Faces Life said...

The old man is a charmer, through and through.

dignityleo on 9/2/08 6:58 pm said...

was sexiness being discussed briefly?
well then my question wil be-what is sex?
is it only somethin meant 2 feed our hungry bodies?
i dont think so cuz its an expression of admiration,its an expression of trust and mutual belief between two souls who r allowin both of them into each others hands,so its a wonderful expression of one's admiration and cherishment of each others company.

stellaswift on 10/2/08 4:09 pm said...

Dignity, sexiness and sex can be poles apart, me dearie.
I'm slightly shocked you've brought the heady subject of sex to my blog already.
I think you've slightly missed the point of my blog too but at least you bothered to post.

stellaswift on 10/2/08 4:11 pm said...

Portia you should have seen him complain about the washing up today...



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