Friday, 8 February 2008

Burying My head in the Sand

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:08 am
I rang my dad this morning to see how my mum was doing a she is in hospital. He told me for the 4th day in the row that she was doing well but not to come over just yet. Her operation was successful and the following proceedures have been fine but she is having problems relating to her asthma and diabetes. Yes, my mother has type 2 diabetes. In the past I have been warned that I too will face diabetes. The reality of this hasn't sunk in as it hasn't happened yet so I don't really care. That's not entirely true. I do care- I'm just burying my head in the sand.

I thought a little about my dad this morning. I don't recall him feeding me at all during my life. His philosophy is a very very small treat a day. He serves out his own chocolate bar like he was still in post war rationning. He is responsible for cat feeding duty at home.

Like my mum and I the cat, Dilys, is heavily overweight. I liked to put it down to research which blames a cold virus mutation for our fat. It helps to explain the spread of pussy cat fat. Of course I'm sure it's a myth.

So dad doles out the diet food for the cat. Food so unappetising that one of my own cats ignores it when we go to stay at my parents (the other having the culinary palette of a fox). So dad in my eyes and Dilys's eyes no doubt is of the mean disciplinarian. Mr kiljoy. Mr sensibility.

Dad has helped me out greatly financially this year. I can't begin to tell you how much. I am greatful. His new hobby is to question me on my finances each time he rings. This leaves me squirming as they are appauling and I don't feel I can ask him again for help. He ended his phone call with the phrase of the day "you are just burying your head in the sand."

That's what i've done with my weight in the past. That's what I'm doing with my finances now. What makes a person actually want to tackle the world? Answers greatly appreciated my few new chosen readers.

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daily beard on 8/2/08 5:52 pm said...

It's one of your crosses to bear, that you are so terribly interesting. Even the most abrasive people and masters of wisdom(i.e.: ME!)have to withdraw from the prying eyes of the angry mob sometimes. Sometimes, by ourselves, we can become strong enough in our True Selves to carry our GREAT message of wisdom to the world and learn to take a few tossed stones. You are probably just some holy prophet who each day climbs yet another mountain or small hillock of self-realization. Walking is such great exercise too. I myself keep lean by taking long walks in the hot desert for months..and I choose the foods I love: Locusts and Honey. Congratulate yourself and often for what good you have done for yourself, Sweet Vi! Do not be the kind of prophet that craves the whip, Vi! It's always stronger to say "Yes," to what you love, than "No," to what you don't. --db.

stellaswift on 8/2/08 7:02 pm said...

Thanks Daily,

Your wisdom has been duly noted.


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