Sunday, 10 February 2008

Where our author is criticised

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:43 pm
Mum is doing well you will be glad to hear. She just has to be careful when she laughs, which is often, as it hurts the holes the keyhole surgery went through.

Eating healthy food is going well. I made yet another bowl of soup for my folks to share today after my shopping trip to an in town supermarket. I'm getting quite domesticated. The supermarket was deathly. Finding organic veg there was like looking for the pope in Tibet. The people had hard, lived in looking faces. Incredible to think it's just the next town over; at least the river has kept them away from us for so long. Still I did mamage to buy vegetarian falafel and low fat hummous so I shouldn't protest too loudly.

I have spread the word of this blog a bit but if you are reading out there you certainly aren't commenting in the droves I expect. I have had some feedback on yesterday's blog. Apparently it is error ridden being grammatically unsound- tough tits- I have enough to do without trying to be Proust.

I have been proud of myself for maintaining a daily walk, even in surburbia. I found a nice path through the cemetry where the dead, I can report,are still dead. My only critic had word of advice for me about exercise regime as well as my grammar. I should be walking with a monitor which, checks my training rate to ensure I am effectively burning calories. I protested about the cost. I was told I can take my own pulse! It just goes to show that what ever field you go into, like walking, there is an expert out there. I didn't realise it was going to be this complex in health fitness land.

Just before I sign off I must warn you that I have temptations here at my parents. Sitting by the telly in the front room is a large box of Thorntons special toffee. I have managed to have one small piece per day so far but I have major worries that the creaminess and butteriness of the said confectionary will lure me in the later hours. Fingers crossed for me and DO leave a comment so I can feel self important.

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