Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Weight Tracker

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:15 pm
I was asked a strange question today. Am I losing or gaining weight? Of course the answer is I'm losing. That's obvious isn't it? I know I've neglected the scales for too long but i am meant to shrink during this new regime, hence the title of the blog.

Yesterday we all received the shocking news of my weight. Today I weighed myself again. I know diet manuals recommend you don't but i did. I had lost .4 of a lb in my sleep. So somewhere my brain is telling me that i am a slimming success. If you are reading this and you are the rare person who doesn't have issues I just want you to know that any minute loss feel like a victory. Worried about receiving feedback about my poundage.

The point I am trying to make unsuccinctly is that I found a free weight tracker programme today, which stores my data (making me sound like a mathmatical problem)and then plots my daily weight on a graph. It shows not only the daily points but the average trend. This is my new toy. So I will weigh myself daily just to watch my weight fluctuate wildly and so i can be utterly despairing when it fluctuates upwards. The joy of numbers!

My diet buddy, who shall remain anonymous, sent me a couple of recipes today. So watch this space for new developments in the kitchen...

Feeling smug too as i walked up the hill again in the freezing mist. Completeing today's two goals.

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