Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Weigh in 1

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:31 pm
I'm in shock. I have found my parent's scales in the bathroom. Mum was unsure if they would be able to measure my weight. I got on them and the machine worked very very very slowly. The first reading was an error reading. Brilliant now I was too fat for the electric scales! The third reading worked fine.

I was in horror at the scales. I have been in denial so long even though my belly spills out miles and miles. I'm seriously worried how this will affect my future relationships. I mean i'm monsterous...

The scales weighed in at 330lbs. That's 23.5 stone, that seems like a rate for masonary not human flesh. In panic I emailed a friend. She was ever so calm and told me that i shouldn't be ashamed and I wasn't alone. But I'm wondering what i've been doing for three weeks keeping a journal and no record of my weight. Told you all my picture is deceptive.

Fat burning starts for real tomorrow. Wish me luck....

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