Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Weigh In 2

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:02 pm

I weighed in today. I was back at last week's weight. Damnation-No weight lost. Pizza plays havoc on my system. I got blue breifly then I set off up the hill again putting foot infront of foot.

It was blustery up top. You can see how pink my skin is with the wind. At the top I felt a great sense of exhileration. I am walking. I am active. I am wind tossed...

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Jane on 26/2/08 3:40 pm said...

Hi Stella

I really like your blog. It's very brave of you to write about trying to lose weight as I know what it's like! I refuse to weigh myself because I know I'll become depressed about it if I did! A few weeks ago I went to try a few wedding dresses on (fortunately, I'm getting married, wouldn't otherwise lol) and I was amazed at how they pull everything in! It's the one item of clothing I've ever worn in my life that does this. Bring back corsets I say! I've bought a pair of those nude light control shorts from M & S. Was tempted to get the firm ones but the fat oozes out over the top so defeats the object. A problem I have had for years is acne. I am now 41 years old and I still have trouble with it. Make-up doesn't help as it makes the problem worse, it is hard buying the right cleansers, moisturisers, etc as they are all different although the dearer ones seem to be better for me than that horrendous Boots No 7 (never again)! I used to be slim (and more active) up until my early 20's and now I fluctuate between a size 16 and 18...not massive but - put it this way - I avoid looking at myself with no clothes on. YUK!! I hate those huge mirrors they have in hotel bathrooms...and they don't steam up now either which is even worse for someone like me that tries to avoid looking at oneself at all costs. I am due to pick up some antibiotics for my acne tomorrow as I have had a "rest" from taking them. Roaccutane made me want to kill myself so I had to stop taking that. Good luck with your weight loss. I will keep in touch about my acne situation...I'm getting married in April. Help!!

stellaswift on 26/2/08 6:50 pm said...

Jane! Thanks for your comments and for taking time to read my blog. I'm sure you didn't want help with the getting married part!

Isn't it terrible that as women we always chose something about ourself to loathe? I think we need to grow accustomed to our features that we actually like, other than just our fabulous personalities!

And gosh I did empathise with the underwear and mirror situation!

Yes, I think the way forward with your acne has to be what you put on your face as well as what the dr prescribes. If you do find a great product be sure to let me know what it is.

Getting married is such a fabulously exciting thing, I have no doubt that you will glow with happiness.

Do keep in touch.

Jane on 26/2/08 8:30 pm said...

Hi Stella

Many thanks for replying to my comment. Glad you liked it. I also wear glasses like yourself, similar style but mine have a lilacy-coloured frame. I've had them about 4 years and they were amazed in Vision Express when I told them how long I'd had them. "No wonder you don't want a new pair." Indeed!

I don't know what to do about my glasses on my wedding day. I wear them all the time now but I am considering not wearing them for my wedding ceremony (which is in Vegas by the way :-)). I'm not normally that self-conscious but I look younger when I've no specs on...and it's only gonna be about half an hour or so. Also, I'm not working at the moment :-( so I can't afford contact lenses. The dress itself is in a light shade of gold in organza with some fab beadwork on the front and back. It's not strapless as I have a thing about my arms...there are little straps on it that I will be wearing off the shoulder and I'm due for my final fitting on 18th March. Can't wait. There is an Earthcam webcam for the Planet Hollywood where we shall be staying (and getting married) so my plan is to wave in front of the outdoor cam in my wedding dress. The ceremony is 4pm Vegas time so about midnight over here so I'm hoping I can time it for a few people to see me wave live on the cam lol.

stellaswift on 28/2/08 3:53 pm said...

The wedding dress sounds lovely and what a great use of a webcam!

Jane on 28/2/08 4:19 pm said...

Hi Stella

Depending on how things go I might post a pic of me in my wedding dress on here. Let's face it I'm not gonna look as good any other time so may as well make use of my dress whilst I can. Having a do in Carlisle in May for all our mates (relatives a waste of space) so it gives me an excuse to wear my wedding dress again...and to get as drunk as possible!!!!


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