Monday, 25 February 2008

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:44 pm

So I have juxtaposed last night's garlic bread with my other walking hat. How is that for contrast!

Yesterday was a disaster. Any fool could see what was going to happen. I at breakfast late but by 3pm I was starving so I ate soup and bread. By the time we got to the pizza place it was 5pm, so i felt suitably hungry. I was happy to eat half a salad bowl loaded with dressing but after the cheesy garlic bread i did feel slightly covered in an oil slick and actually full.

I know I should have stopped there but then we had a pizza to share. When you've ordered food and finances are tight you can't go rejecting the stuff. It didn't taste as great as i hoped. I ate ignoring my hunger signals. Towards the end of my third slice I abandonded it.Some success.(Why do we celebrate occassions with food? Who says you are happy so feast!)

When I got home I compounded the problem. I wanted something sweet to eat. So I had two biscuits and a slice of cake. I know it's all madness. I know every thing person would be screaming HALT. It had to be washed down so I had an ovaltine with soya milk. Again it didn't taste as pleasant as it might have done. Bed time saved me. I lay in bed for a long time, my stomach began to grow uncomfortable with food. It's the most unpleasant sensation ever. Much worse than hunger actually. My stomach was groaning.

Today I jumped swiftly onto the scales to find out there was another fluctuation upwards. If I'm not careful I wont be recording a loss. Damn it. This process is so hard.

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