Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Birthday Bliss

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:00 pm

Last night as I was going to bed there was an earthquake. Totally mild by world standards but shocking by British ones. Mum apparently lay in bed, her bed shaking, thinking it was my weight and clumsiness that was shaking the boards. Blame me for a sodding earth quake!

Today is my 35th Birthday. There has been no weigh in today. Yes I did enjoy myself. I feasted on roasted duck and a mouthwatering sticky toffee pudding with the most glorious buttery toffee sauce. Then later wine and birthday cake. Do i feel guilty? Not one iota! Walk and minding my weight from tomorrow.

Went shopping for diet books with my birthday money. Came back with a bag stuffed with books and magazines; I will read my way to thinness.

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