Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Feeling Groovy-Briefly

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 4:43 pm
My emotions are on a roller coaster this week. I guess we all get a touch of the blues in February. I mean it's allowed isn't it? Woke up feeling bloody marvellous. Aided by every woman's moment of happiness a shower with luxury bath products. My mother is well stocked. Thank you ma! There is something great about having freshly washed hair, the way the highlights capture the sun's rays. And yes it is sunny in Manchester today.

When I feel good I like to put on clothes which make me feel even better. Today's ensemble was a bootleg jersey trouser and my orangey red print top. The pants are slightly too big and have a tendancy to fall down slightly as I walk. I haven't noticed an easier fitting cloth just yet however.

I took myself out to a bookshop just on the outskirts of Manchester. I have no money but I love wandering down the aisles wondering what i am going to buy if I had a stash of cash. I would have purchased Laura Marling's albumn but maybe I will at the end of the month!

I dined out at Subway today, an extravagance I know but it was tasty. I love the story of the American man who lost weight dining exclusively there. If only Subway were a charity for us fatties. I lusted over a soy milk latte from the coffee shop but i'm afraid my purse was groaning so I abandoned the sweet and creamy from my palette.

Then I looked in TKMAXX. They have a new season of clothes and yes they do cater for the "plus sixed woman" (read fat). So I looked for my size very carefully. The only items I could have purchased were some very large jeans, with a half elasticated waist and a gold jacquard jacket that I would have frozen in. Some much for new season. I left feeling disappointed. All those clothes and maybe 4 outfits that were in my size. I guess I'm greatful for my catelogue clothes where there isn't a scramble to find something that fits. But shopping away from a shop makes you forget how large I actually am compared to the skinnies.

Found yet another diet self help book to read. I should order through my library.

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stellaswift on 4/3/09 8:14 pm said...

I must point out that since last year they have been well stocked for the curvier frame and i have bagged several bargains there.


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