Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Violet gets ontrack thankfully....

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:25 am
So yesterday how did i do? Well from my jubilant title heading you can guess. I feel like I achieved a near perfect day.

How was this accomplished you ask? Well poverty means that I only eat what's in the cupboard. So that was carrot soup and other vegetables. I had a fine supper feasting on sweet potatoes roasted with a side helping of taziki-creamy, delicious, filling and nutricious...

In addition I took two 30 minute walks to the neighbouring village. Sadly this was not out of choice but necessity. One was to take the car to the garage and the other to collect it again. But I felt happy walking with a weak winter sun, looking at red berries on the branches and feeling wholesome. All was well apart from the fact that my thighs started rubbing together. How could you explain that awful friction to someone who has thin thighs- I can't. It is soul destroying.

Later on in the evening i chatted to a friend online. We both raised the weight issue as she battles with negative emotions surrounding her weight. She raised the idea that not caring about your body was akin to rebellion and i have to agree with her. The desire to be seen and not seen. I brought up an image that i'd heard from a monk on a buddhist retreat weekened which was that some pleasure( food in my example) was like honey on a razorblalde. The more you have of something sweet the more harmful it is... how wise he was. Perhaps he could be my diet guru.

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