Monday, 4 February 2008

I am the world's worst dieter.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:58 am
OOOh God. I didn't realise i'd be tested so soon. A friend was over for the weekend. Yesterday morning i feasted on flat bread and cheese. It got worse. When he returned from Manchester he brought with him a giant box of doughnuts. 9 sodding doughnuts. 9 temptations of the flesh.

Yes i did secumb dear reader. And then it got worse. We went out for pizza- the fat ladened kind with cheese in the crust. I could feel every resolution drop. I considered making myself sick when i got home but I gave up this idea.

When he left I begged him to take the remaining doughnuts with him he refused. He told me to throw them away. I just couldnt do it. He still refused to take them away. So after a nap, notice not a walk, I gave in to their calling dough. God almighty I'm such a stereotype. Self loathing on over drive. I didnt even appreciate the flavours he brought with him. I'm going to hell sooner than i think.

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