Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A winter walk

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:13 pm
So today I am feeling very confident about getting fitter. I know it's only just into the afternoon but i have been up since 7 am so give me a break.

This morning I woke up with a raging appetite and yes it was two bowls of rice crispies with soya milk that I consummed. With a respectable hour in between i might add.

Fortified with calcium and plant fibres I bravely walked to another of the outlying villages around here. The village that only has three houses and a rotten bench. I took a picture of me there. I swear to god I look bigger than the side of the house.

It was a good walk (apart from the thighs, despite oodles of moisturizer). I feel in tune with nature, there were birds and mud puddles and manure heaps. I skillfully breached a ford in the road without a car coming past and drenching me. I saw horses and a blackbird so close up in the thicket.(I'm starting to sound like the Edwardian Country Diaryist here) And I think I saw swallows or at least swifts(yes im a suburban girl) twisting in the sky. They are so at ease with their movements rather than lumbering along like me.

Back in the semi civilisation of my village i felt love towards my surroundings. Genuine warmth and pleasure at the way the village is now. This thought soon disappeared as i gropped blindly in the fridge for some fish fingers. I ate them without ketchup as my friend had helpfully used up the lot on Saturday night. I fear i can no longer afford organic ketchup. Oh what a crisis of the middle class!

So with such a steady start I am confident that the shrinking Violet will do well. The only thing i'm not sure of apart from the scales issue is who i give my blog address to. Do I tell everyone i know and then more? Or do I keep it discrete. This etiquette throws me. I have however passed it on to my most favourite person in the world.

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