Saturday, 2 February 2008

1st February - A New Era

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 6:37 pm
It's finally happened, A moment of decisiveness, this doesn't happen to often for me.

I am near completing an inspirational book about Shauna Reid and her diet Blog. I thought I could have a go too. Fatties of the world will be blogging madly about their dull adventures into starvation and I intend to join them. Thus begins the journey into accountability.

What did I do for my body today? I made it a tasty carrot soup and took it for a walk to the next village, which includes a slight incline on the way back. I was over taken by a professional walker, wearing purple lycra and trainers. Returning I walked very slowly up the hill/incline, but when I saw anyone coming in either direction I walked up the hill with more vigour.

I'm debating whether to weigh myself during this challenge. Being accountable I guess I'm going to have to but i'm terrified.

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