Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Helping Hand

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:58 pm
Tonight I have been offered a helping hand. A friend who shall remain nameless, but loved, said we should make a pact. Tomorrow I get to walk for a full hour as it has been noted that I'm on a slippery slope downward. Not only was i burying my head in the sand there were only my toes sticking upward. In return my friend also gets to exercise. Ha ha ha joint misery...I thank her heartily for this life raft.

My parents have hidden their six pack of crisps from me today. I feel like a rat being able to sniff out their secrets. They said they had to go to this measure as I didn't know when to stop. This truth hit me strongly but hasn't stopped me eating like a goat today. They hid the whippy bar from me too but i located those in a jiffy. Whilst I type this I have an amaretto coffee and a custard cream handful. I don't even like custard creams! (For those no Brits out there it's the second most boring biscuit on the planet after the wafer.) I am eating without tasting. No clearer about why I'm in such an emotional funk.

Any ideas welcome....

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