Friday, 15 February 2008

Dad bars the Fridge.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:49 pm
I was on track food wise until about 6pm today when I tucked into my goat's cheese and crackers. Why I can't regulate my eating heaven only knows. The fact that there is sweet food in the house delights me. Dad accused me of gluttony when he saw me eating a chocolate bar in one sitting. My argument is its a thin bar and I'm savouring every mouthful.

This evening he stood in front of the fridge when i nipped down stairs for a nougat bar. I'm thirty four but I do feel about eight in my parent's house. He has a point about me snacking too much. I have a break from the pc to get a snack and i disappear into my parents spare room till all hours.

It's like my thermostate for regulatinbg food has disappeared. My mouth is hungry and my stomach is saying what the hell i'll have it. I still haven't worked out what i'm upset about yet. No walk today either. When I don't walk I find it harder to do everything else.

Mum is clear of her cancer in one part of her body! At least we can celebrate that tonight.

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