Sunday, 17 February 2008

There Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:28 pm
I am feeling at peace with the world so far- I am in control.

I have chosen cereal again as a breakfast option and all seemed to fall into place thereon in. I'm wondering whether anything other that a hearty breakfast actually does me in for the day: a taste of the sweet and i'm smitted.

There was a pact wasn't there today? Have I sat at my computer screen and got lost in the intricacies of the net? No! I scaled a mountain. Well small hill which is a local landmark here. For years I used to struggle up the well worn path. Dad pointed out to me today that there is a bridle path which runs slowly up the side! So guess which route I took? Yes! The slower but less steep route. I was still puffing my lungs up all the way to the top though but the views were spectacular.

I walked past those picnicing on the summit and I walked happily down the steep path, inwardly laughing at those who didn't know about the less steep route. "It's steeper than you remember," I chortled to one thin woman who was red faced and out of puff coming up the road I would never have taken today. You could see puzzlement on their faces. Poor fat woman has made it up here. How! I bet they were saying.
But i did manage an hour, most of it uphill so I'm feeling very smug and adventurous.

Also I only ate half my bowl of lentil soup as I became aware that I had no appetite for the food I was eating! Hunger reaction you are back with me! Where have you been?

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