Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Another Toe into The Past

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:07 pm
I've been trying to find old photographs today but with no success. It seems the photobox has disappeared into the box along with other Klutch. I wanted to show you a picture of my great grandmother at my age. A fine looking woman who would always ate a full meal before she went to eat out at people's houses, in case she felt hungry!

Dad has just come back from town with a few items mum has requested and my request. An after eight chocolate bar. I have moved on from mint aero to 70% dark chocolate with a fondant filling. I'm wondering if I will ever shrink at all...

My teenage eating years were pretty undistinguished. I grew relatively tall and for a while I was in normal weight ranges. When I was 16 I was large for my age and the reduction of sport in my school career meant that I did add weight on.

At 17/18 I went on my first serious diet and I managed to lose a couple of stone before university. This was obtained through a mixture of a low fat diet and swimming three times a week for an hour.

At university I walked to the campus regularly and was surprised that I didn't gain weight immediately. I would eat a doughnut for breakfast, from Greggs on the corner of my lodgings. When I moved into halls of residence in January I did put on weight as I was taking the bus and I decided to buy nice food and blow the student grant.

I met my second serious boyfriend at university and we began to eat tins of rice pudding and mountains of pasta.

The weight gains were steady again. We moved to Oxfordshire and then Yorkshire then Nottinghamshire and finally Derbyshire. Eating our way through life, with pizza and meals out and very little exercise.

In 2001 We split up and I moved into my own house. Trying to eat sensible meals has always been a hardship for me living alone. I ate badly. I was sedentary with a few brief trips to the gym. The weight crept slowy on insidiously. Until I find myself here 2008 with the desire to be normal and not regarded as a total freak.

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Portia Faces Life said...

I, too, have lived the pizza life. Godspeed, Stella.


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