Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:10 pm
Dad managed to polish off the Thornton's toffee last night thankfully and i'm relieved. Mum and I kept eyeing the damned stuff each time we walked in the room.

There is something about the way fat laddened food tastes that is so hard for our ancient bodies to resist. My temptation has been eating rich tea biscuits when I have an afternoon cuppa. Biscuits were made to go with tea. Tea isn't a beverage that should just be drank alone. O the moistness of a rich tea drenched in the eastern stuff is very bliss!

It's not the swallowing of food I love but the chemical reaction that happens on my tongue. An explosion of flavours and feel good chemical receptors in the brain. If i had a pack of crisps I could just lick the flavouring off- the swallowing is secondary.

I think it's the fact that my tastes doesn't die when I'm full that keeps me overeating as i eat for taste not for my belly feelings. But that desire for something sweet or something savoury leads me into disaster.

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