Saturday, 30 January 2010


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:59 pm
I'm feeling much much perkier this weekend. Today's yoga class was really good as I came across a couple of simple stretches I hadn't met before. I nearly murdered the woman who came in five minutes late mid our relaxation phase as she dropped a pepple right behind my head as she was putting her stuff down so the extra relaxation was essential. 

Straight from the gym I drove to a slightly hilly reservoir walk that I haven't been on before. Just like Wednesday I powered up the hills, breathing harder but I didn't need to stop and recover it was one continuous movement. I'm reasured that my health is fine and that my heart will be able to take temporary demands placed on it. I even managed to overtake three couples on route. Ok two were getting on but one couple were seasoned dog walkers in their relative youth. It's odd to walk and listen to snatches of conversation on the reservoir edge. You drift in and out of people's lives. I had forgotten to take my mp3 player but I let the sun shine down on my well moisturized face. 

I'm looking forward to having my bloodwork done and revisiting the dietician next week. To those joys I have a theatre visit to look forward to as well as a possible trip out with mio amore to some not so far destination if my car is still working on Thursday after its health check up with mnsr mechanic. I'm also feeling really positive about tomorrow's weigh in, despite a late night love in with mio amore and a haddock fillet sandwich. 
Most things are the same, except I am noticing a little more space in some items of clothing. It's almost imperceptable at first as if the item of clothing has been loosened by constant use. When you pull something fresh from the washpile there's space. I'm still waiting for folks around me to notice my weight loss and begin commenting but you have to shed a huge amount for people to start looking again. Heartened by the sun in winter, hinting at Spring to come.

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Marilee on 30/1/10 4:59 pm said...

Reading your blogs just lifts my spirit!

MackAttack on 30/1/10 5:09 pm said...

oh yay for extra room in your clothes! Glad your heart is feeling strong!

Michael Donovan on 30/1/10 11:01 pm said...

You have a great blog, miss. Reflects your decent, gentle self.

Amy on 31/1/10 1:31 am said...

HI Violet!! sounds like an awesome workout today! So so awesome! Pushing your body like that really makes such a difference, and burns up all that fat! Woo hoo!!

Hope you are having a beautiful day!

Hugs.. Amy

Amanda on 31/1/10 3:56 am said...

LOVING loose clothes...whatever you are doing is WORKING! Keep it u :-) I am rooting ofr you :-)

StarrStarr on 31/1/10 5:34 am said...

Every time I read your posts mentioning yoga I am so inspired to try it. I try it and get discouraged. What makes yoga work for you? How do you get into it?

jinxxxygirl on 31/1/10 11:34 am said...

just came across your blog and i must say i love your writing style. Baggy clothes are wonderful aren't they?? Lets you know all your hard work is working! jinx!


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