Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas tree walk and chocolates

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There's a petrol station I call in practically every week and each time I get insulted each time I go in. It was late at night there were four of us lined up outside to pay for our petrol. The attendant makes the first transaction and doesn't speak to the guy. Ditto the second. Then it's my turn I pay my money and then when he gives me my change he points to the large chocolate display and says, "there are two chocolates for 86p". I wouldn't mind ordinarilly but he says this to me without fail every single visit and I never purchase his blasted chocs. He says this to just me. I hate the thought that must be going on in his head. Fat woman must want chocolate. Fat women must want to eat cake. Fat women argh. It made me so angry I made a mental note to have a little blog rant about it and I bought my petrol from elsewhere tonight. Job done.

On a lighter and brighter note I braved the freezing cold to go on a walk near home (photos on the two previous posts). For those of you who didn't read my blog last year you need to know that where I sometimes walk is surrounded by trees which get decorated as if by magic by the Christmas decorating elves. It's really cool to walk and stumble upon forty odd decorated trees in the middle of nature. Some have lovely cards of thanks or remembrence attatched to them- it's a fabulous tradition and is worth putting up with the muddy footpaths to see them. Returning home to warming onion and potato pie was a blessing too.

Snow has fallen lightly tonight and the snow falls as I type so I'm feeling all warm and Christmassy. On Wednesday night I was taken to see White Christmas the musical, which was fabulous especially at the end, when it was made to "snow" inside the stalls where I was sat.

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