Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 10:22 am
So today is where I get real again and it was hard, really bloody hard and it's only ten thirty am. Yet the sun came through my window this morning and made a rainbow on the wall between my bedframe. I cupped the end of the rainbow, looking for gold.- nothing but my yogurt tasted fantastic. I love the lore that surrounds rainbows. Perhaps it really is a symbol for me this week.

I decided to treat myself to a small shopping spree today- nothing lavish. It's still a toss up between spree and buying petrol but who cares? I bought a cheap necklace that catches the light beautifully. I'm wearing it now. There is something about beauty that really appeals to me I just couldn't live a spartan lifestyle. I saw a delicious dress size ten on sale. I considered buying it but why taunt myself as i have a long way to go and my pyjamas still need fitting into yet.

Last night i bought minor provisions from the supermarket. I bought the ingredients for a leek and goats cheese flan that I intend cooking for my old bean on Thursday. I decided he needs nurishment as well as i only ever feed him tuna pasta salad or baked beans on toast. Plus we are officially IN LOVE so one has to make a bit of an effort. We have spent the last week gazing into each others eyes and being, well, rather pathetic.

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MackAttack on 16/9/09 2:07 am said...

awww yay for love! I love all of your different nicknames for him. Adorable!


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