Friday, 3 July 2009

The Delights of the Dales

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:25 pm

Yesterday was the warmest day of the year thus far and i have the red skin to prove it.

My honey and I drove out to the bottom of the dales to take in the sights. Picniced in a charming field only to discover later that there was a delightful bull with big horns wondering about! I stuck to my savoury sandwiches and sushi whilst the lad tucked into lemon meringue pie. He offered me half but I declined, after all i've eaten way too much pie in the past. We took in the atmosphere and the peace of the place at the same time as watching folks swim in a river with their heads bobbing with the ducks. Also walked up and down lanes and sweated an awful lot.

On the way home stopped off at a country pub and drank a chilled glass of diet coke, whilst the honey had a pint of golden hues. Found we were totally deserted around old ruins and got all philosophical about the monks and their life pre-reformation.

Admired the rolling hills and scaled a castle keep, up too many steps and came home exhausted. It was a day well spent. It was great to be awarded two stars for the day.

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