Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:58 pm

The Dietician's advice is being hard to follow. Who would have thought that three regular meals a day and three fruit snacks could be so difficult? I've wanted to eat everything in sight this week, I haven't done the leg work to explore the reasons behind this.

Having spent the last of my funds on petrol I haven't been able to afford to go and do yoga. Nor have I driven to beauty spots to walk. Take away exercise, add in emotional uncertainty and you have a wide scale humanitarian crisp disaster.

I have been skipping meals too and trying to replace them with junk. The other night I munched my way through a bag of kettle chips. I opened the bag and was appauled by the mountain of fried potato but i still could not over ride the hand to mouth experience.

Slipped into some socks at my flat the other night-with cupcakes-it seemed fitting given that on Sunday I took myself off into town and had an orange hot chocolate and a cupcake there. Monday I bought coffee cupcakes from the late shop. They didn't taste great but they were what I thought I wanted. I'm worried my socks are subliminal advertising.

The great news is that my mother has seen the light in her house and has banished all crisps, cakes and chocolates from their cupboard so there are no temptations left for me except the fruit bowl whilst i'm visiting.

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