Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Double Trouble

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:47 pm
Ok so today was odd. I spent it at the art project which was great but I ate fruit because there was no bread to be had in our cupboard.It was like poverty hall. On returning home I ate 4 crackers with philly light.

Given the bad planning of lunch I decided to eat out. So I ate pizza just a small portion. I congratulated myself on my restraint and modesty of my meal. All was great until i returned to my parent's house.

I realised mum had cooked for me and my dinner was awaiting me in the oven. Four different veg and steak! Bloody marvellous! So rather than hurting her feelings I ate it. I am loathing this eating business when I really don't feel like eating. How did I manage to cram food down my gullet? Do i regard my second meal as a snack and abandon tonight's fruit? I think I better had!

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