Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wet Walks

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 12:30 pm

Yesterday was bitterly wet. I couldn't see an end to the rain but I was getting itchy feet and desiring to be walking to town.

I set off in the rain, got as far as my car when the heavens opened there was a huge rumble of thunder and more rain bucketed down. I turned back home.

Thirty minutes later I set off again the day having brightened somewhat. I spent a brief period in the library and then decided to splurge the £2.00 in my pocket. I bought an orange gerbera from an excellent florist, who wired and wrapped my one stem. I also called into the old fashioned sweet shop and asked for sweet peanuts. They had them! Bliss. I took my treasure trove and made my way home.

As i've lost weight my long grey skirt trails near the floor, and it trailed in every puddle imaginable. The sky desided it would give me a new gift of water and so I hid under my brolly, flower and handback in hand getting soaked from puddles on the road by passing cars.

Thankfully I have now worked out how to use the shower so was able to have a long lingering soak at home. The sweet peanuts I ate half of after my ceasar salad and I was disappointed somewhat that the small chunks of peanuts have disappeared from the sweets to be replaced by a peanut powder. Still they were nice.

I'm hoping the weather clears so I can walk round the water in my boots.

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