Monday, 22 September 2008

A few scrummy things

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 6:21 pm

I've stopped the constant whirl for food yesterday. For how long I don't know. Saturday was all about doughnuts and junk and getting drunk on rose wine, and yes I felt great.

Sunday was about re energising and getting healthy. I slept an awfully long time and had the most vivid and detailed dreams.

Today I feel right, more peaceful more myself. My father was a star and varnished my door today and this afternoon a book of poetry came through the post for me sent by a friend. So i'm feeling totally loved up.

I have picked up some beautiful things today, all bought at discount prices. Fresh roses the colour of gold with a delightful curl to the petal, a green leather note book for my artistic moments and the practical but delightfully scented rose and blackberry soap. All totally hedonistic and for me. You damned consumer you scream. Think what disaster could have befallen me if i'd have bought crisps or chocolate? I want to take delight in small luxuries, like well made soap. It's about living life now beautifully.

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