Thursday, 7 August 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:25 pm

I'm aware that i'm eating way too much sugar.

Last night mum brought home some homemade plum jam and some apple chutney: both delicious but crammed with sugar. Why am I so bothered?

I was reading one of my books about the effects of sugar on the system. The way that insulin can't keep up with the amount we consume, the effects of cravings etc. Do you know it takes 21 days for sugar and its related systems to get out of the body? Damned scary food.

I'm aware that I'm going to have to get over my sugar addiction one day. Just not today I'm not feeling brave enough. The thought quite scares me as it cuts out major foods for me. Imagine no cakes and biscuits, chocolate. No dessert? How does one know that meal time is over? You just don't get it you are screaming at me I know, but my food history is swamped with sugar.

Recall my first memory of caramels from my greatgrans purse? The trips to the sweet shop as a child on the way to school. Life without sugar seems a deprivation. One day I will have to bloody grow up. Plus, I won't be able to afford sugary foods when I live alone. What a blessing!

Still no flat news. I may be living in a cardboard box soon...

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Jane on 7/8/08 8:06 pm said...

Hiya Stella

Do your parents understand that you want to lose weight as it seems to me (your Mum in particular) isn't really supporting you in this. The way my in-laws stopped smoking was they both decided to do so at the same time. Perhaps your Mum could try losing weight like yourself, then you could offer each other encouragement. Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching, it's just that I'm trying to understand the mother/daughter thing with food.

JoAnn on 8/8/08 3:45 am said...

Howdy from Texas Stella,
I, too, am a sugarholic. I never thought I could live w/out it and found a program called RadiantRecovery. I've been working the program for almost 11 weeks now and I'm amazed at how I feel. One of the biggest changes is I no longer have the enormous cravings. For all my life I was a huge eater. I've learned that sugar does crazy things to my system. Just thought I'd stop by and offer encouragement. Good luck!!! Jae

stella said...

Hey Jane,

I used to get angry about how much sweet stuff was in our house. But I've come to realise that my mum needs to go on her own journey of self descovery. They just see this time as another attempt that I will fail, as so many diets fail in the past.

The mother and daughter relationship with food is such a complex one. But at the end of the day it is me who is responsible for what I put in my mouth.

stella said...

Hey Joann,
Thanks ever so much for your message of support. Glad to hear that you are living a life free of sugar.

The encouragement is warmly received.


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