Friday, 11 July 2008

Two phsychological tips.

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:53 pm
The entry today is a very quick one. I'm feeling good despite the myriad of problems thrown my way today.

Lunch was served on a tray to indicate that was my complete meal and a cup of tea to signal the meal was over. Hopefully these psychological triggers will work well.

No sign of hunger- something must be right.

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Jane on 11/7/08 7:36 pm said...

Hi Stella

Glad your psychology tricks are working well regarding your food. John had no further contact from the people who interviewed him and I received a "rejection letter" today. When I rang up those on the panel "were on holiday" and a lady in HR will email one of them on Monday regarding feedback as I felt the interview went really well. Apparently, they only usually give out feedback to internal candidates - not external ones like me - so it looks like I'll be crossing off Cumbria Constabulary for applying for any further jobs. Arseholes!

stella said...

The perfect job will come along


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