Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:51 pm

Beat the weather forecast. Continual rain had been forecast:it just spat at me on my walk.

Walked round the reservoir and was surprised at how so little had really changed in the landscape there. Foxgloves abound and I spent my time snapping the poisonous pink points. Found a small batch of pure white foxgloves nestled against a wall. I also admired the new sculptural installation in the water.

People are really over taking me at the minute. My walking is much slower than in winter and my back is sore. I feel about ninety already!Still if I don't walk things will worsen. Walking will improve my weak stamina.

Fruits are definately ready for picking. If i get a chance tomorrow i'm taking a container up the hill for moorland bilberries.

Have been eating within my established plan. Yet i do eat a lot at meal times as I'm worried I won't have enough food until breakfast. I almost eat to the point of being sick. Why does something so simple as eating have to get so complicated? The last twenty minutes before a meal are the worst. I get fidgetty and in need of my fix.

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