Monday, 7 July 2008

Rainy Walk

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:01 am

The walk yesterday was bloody fantastic. I set off in sunshine and took pictures of sheep and horses but the clouds were ominous.My back ached and I sweated like a trooper. At the top of the hill the sky rumbled and clouds looked menacing. Quite a few people were on the hilside picking bilberries so i cautioned a couple not to take all of them as i'd pick some for a pie next week!Down the hill and in the car as the rain pelted down.

Strawberries and chantilly cream for dessert. A day where i stuck to my meals as planned, victory to me I think.

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Jane on 8/7/08 12:00 am said...

Hi Stella

Glad to see you're still alive lol, I was worried about you! I also love your latest photos, especially the horse. How gorgeous is that? A lot has happened since I last left a comment. John has lost his job so we are both unemployed now. However, he has an interview Tuesday and I on Wednesday so fingers crossed at least one of us gets a job! Good luck with your walks :-)

stella said...

Let me know how the interviews went...


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