Thursday, 24 July 2008

A few musings on clothes

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 2:57 pm
The hunger storm of yesterday lasted another two hours. Before dinner I was calm, after dinner i was really soporific. It was such a relief to be calm it was truly wonderful.

So relaxed was I that I went out and bought new underwear, this time with underwear motifs on rather than fat girl cakes. I tried on an infintessimal amount of clothes on in the sale, working up quite a sweat in the changing rooms. The final result? One skirt.

I went to a chain of cloth stores i havent been to in a while. I haven't increased my weight or lost weight for 6 months but the clothes were tight and uncomfortable in all the wrong places. I guess I don't conform to the standard large bodyshape either.

I used to be scared of trying on clothes. Now it doesn't really bother me. More clothes look unacceptable than wearable though. I had a pang of regret walking through John Lewis looking at all the narrow waists on the cocktail dresses that my arm would struggle to fit in. How I long for an elegant dress to make me look... well... elegant!

I'm always surprised at how badly dressed thin people are around the shopping centre. They have such a selection of images to work with and they chose odd things. There was one elegant woman who was all coordinated, ironed and matching. I reflected how difficult it is for me to coordinate clothes, chosing what fits rather than what will go with the rest of my capsule wardrobe.

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