Saturday, 26 July 2008

Darjeeling and virtuosity wins.

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Food has been around all day. Breakfast was rapidly followed by a hastily grabbed sandwich.

I went out with my mum and her friend looking for shoes in some of the mill shops here about. Everywhere we went there were cafes; sandwiches, pies and CAKES pilled to the ceiling.

We looked at clothes in one shop. I saw a lovely aqua wrap cardigan. I tried it on.
"No it makes you look fat, " said my mum's friend honestly. With a heavy heart I put it's greatly reduced self back on the rail.

Mum said it would be a great idea if we stopped of at this cafe that had been on telly for tea and CAKE, as she was passing round a bag of Thornton's chocolate "moments".

"Do you want one?" she asked.
"No thank you, " I muttered, wondering which bit of "I'm not eating in between meals" she doesn't understand yet. I then mumbled various mantras under my breath to myself in order to not concentrate on the sensations in my brain which relate to chocolate.

At the cafe we sat under a much welcomed fan and then ordered. Mum and friend ordered carrot cake from the piles of delicious looking cakes. When the woman brought the order she said, " what are you having?"
"Erm, just tea," I replied, slightly tersely.
"Oh, " she said, " I thought I'd missed you." No doubt she was worried that I wasn't eating sweet stuff. Mum and friend tucked in not thankfully making a fuss that I wasn't eating.

I drank my darjeeling (two cups) looking longingly at the frosted glaze on their carrot cake. The deal was that I'd have a cake to take home to have with my dinner.
When It came time for me to choose a cake I didn't really fancy what was on offer so I bought a small book of stationery instead. How virtuous can I be?

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