Thursday, 3 April 2008

Pizza Crisis

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:03 pm
I was doing so well last post. A lot of things have gone out of order for a short while. I need to reveiew what I've been doing wrong so I can reassess, learn and move on.

I am still losing weight. However, I have mad a decision about the scales. I will only weigh myself at the beginning of each month. I want to get rid of the scale obsession. I read another weight loss book. It said that there is too much emphasis placed on weight. I have an eating problem, not a weight problem. If you disagree for a minute reflect. Do alcoholiscs have a problem with being drunk or do they have a drinking problem? (The Book is called Eating Less for anyone interested)

My sleep pattern has been disturbed somewhat of late. I can't really go into the reasons why here but I know that I need to think about this more carefully and maybe even go to bed earlier.

My walk pattern has been altered too. I promise I will go walking tomorrow and report back to you, the wide world. I drove to a decent walk on Monday then sacked the whole thing off. I'm feeling petulant and willfull.

My eating plan isnt really good enough either. This evening I ordered pizza and ate far too much of the damned meal. On a scale of things it isnt that much of a disaster but I can't let it happen again. It's partly because there was no other thing in the house. I may go to the supermarket and buy some wonderful fresh things tomorrow.

A little down today because I'm not measuring up to my ideal. But there will be other testing days ahead. And as it has been said- tomorrow is another day....

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