Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 9:58 pm

I'm at my parent's house today as the car has gone into the garage for repair to the overheating fan. I have zero cash and no transport so there's no male company for me tonight. I'm actually kind of enjoying it. I've caught up on a network of writing contacts, watched Emma on BBC iplayer and have generally pottered about.

It's a luxury to be at my parent's. The house is warm and there is food readily available. I even had a wonderful tea provided for me, with homemade low fat yogurt icecream if i'd had been able to scoop it out. It proved to be frozen solid.

I'm still in a low funk which I am trying to get myself out of. Negative thoughts abound. Yet slowly good habits have crept into my routine here. I've reintroduced a set number of meals. Reintroduced fruit. I'm considering if i need that extra biscuit. Bit by bit I am gaining back some of my guts. I'm waiting for a little cry to say Enough and I can be free from this ridiculous obsession with eating and food.

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