Saturday, 3 October 2009

Chocolate Tarte

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 3:07 pm
Having bought a reduced price cookbook the other day about french cusine, inspired by the film about Julia Childs. Loverboy is so good about the weekly budget food that I thought he deserved a treat. I was going to bake him Chocolate tarte. Then I realised that Friday was my dad's birthday so at 2 am Thursday evening I was making chocolate pastry to chill for Friday.

I don't cook very often for loads of reasons but I was delighted to because my dear old pa is 74. Friday morning I melted the chocolate and heated the cream. I poured the mix into the pasty case and admired my handy work. Then I hoofed it over to my folks' place and set the tarte on the counter. Knowing what went into it I certainly wasn't going to eat much of it. (250g butter, 5 eggs and 300g chocolate to say the least). The result was that it's way too chocolatey and rich. Ah well. Now I have to think of something else to bake the lad if i feel up to it.

Windy autumnal day today. I am so glad i am well stocked on scarves and gloves this year. I will go for a walk and take photos perhaps tomorrow. Today's excitement has been about the start of Nanowrimo 2009 soon.

I am about to write my third novel, but this time i want to write something worthy of publication. Nano is great fun and it means i get to have a little bit of a varied social life for November as I attend write in with other would be novelists. Mum treated me to a nano tshirt this year too. Check out

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MackAttack on 3/10/09 6:21 pm said...

ohh what do you write about? The torte sounds seriously rich! Dan would probably love it!(he's a chocoholic)

Fat[free]Me on 3/10/09 7:34 pm said...

It's mentally windy up here too. That choc tarte sounds rather good.

Stella on 6/10/09 3:14 pm said...

The real stuff i'm working on is a semi autobiographical thing.

The november fun novel just has a title "Neighbour". It isn't planned and will probably end up in romance/thriller territory as it always seems to do. We will see. The point of nanowrimo is just to write a novel in a month- quality and everything else you are taught goes out of the window.


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