Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sense of calm

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 7:41 am
Friday was delicious. It was so gloriously easy to eat well. A sandwich for lunch, ripe figs from the supermarket, their bodies velvet to the touch and full of sweet sweet flesh.

Even declined the biscuits offered by my sweets when i visited him last night. Watched him eat the oat stuff with disinterest.

Shopped at 2am. Bought salad and milk brim full of goodness. I love the supermarket when it's just full of me and the shelf stackers and everything laid out sans crowds. I managed to find a tin of the most wonderful hot chocolate ever to have for breakfast one autumn day with my porridge. Topped with marsmallow for that real blast of the fall.

4 delightful comment/s:

Fat[free]Me on 19/9/09 1:01 pm said...

I LOVE fresh figs, yum!

Sounds like you are doing good, well done you!

MackAttack on 19/9/09 4:56 pm said...

Ohh I need to get some fresh figs, I can't remember having any! I totally agree with the loving the supermarket when it's empty. It's soothing!

Michael Donovan on 23/9/09 4:13 pm said...

Figs. An interesting idea. Do they make them without the Newton part? :)

Stella on 29/9/09 11:38 am said...

Figs ARE delicious. Donovan you'd hate them as they don't come in a packet!


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