Sunday, 8 March 2009

Lake walk

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 1:11 pm

Friday was a glorious day, the sun shone more strongly than it has for a while. I took pictures of crocuses in the centre of town then I took myself further afield as promised and walked round a small tourist lake. The drive there across the moors was exhilerating.

There is something calming about a stretch of water, rowers and sailers dipping oars into the water, birds twisting through trees. A woman on horseback came along the path and there was the echoing lull of clip clopping hoofs on a track. I felt like an adventurer. Food control was easy all was right with the world.

Saturday I awoke to the sound of my radio tuned for lively music for a while. I lay in bed feeling the comforting weight of the duvet. Saturday turned out to be not a great day for a few reasons, none of which i'll go into here. Disappointment found me eating a homemade bun for comfort. It was temporary. I felt horrid afterwards, but it didn't stop me. I ate beyond my meals, beyond my fruit snacks and I continued. Eating feelings is no way to live, why do I continue to do it?

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Jeanne said...

I do love your writing style! What pretty photos you've taken of spring in bloom! It's the day before Easter, and here, in the midwest (USA), it's still plenty chilly! April is always a chilly month, but at least there is the promise of late spring and warmer months to come . . .it's lovely to hear the birds chirping in the morning after so many cold, cold months without them.


stella said...

Thanks Jeanne,

Always great to be appreciated!

Good luck with the warm weather...


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