Monday, 14 July 2008

Here be snakes

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 11:43 am
Sunday being a delight I took myself off for two walks. One before lunch and one before dinner- there being bugger all else to do.

The first walk was a forest one. I swapped from my crocs into my walking boots and cheerily set off down a tree lined path. The path took a turn into a meadow. There was a notice board which indicated the wildlife. Rabbits, kestrels and various other birds and moths. Coiled up was a picture of the adder. "You may see the snake basking on pathways in hot days" it said. Hell! My walk was ruined. I didn't realise adders lived this far south. I kept to the short grass. I did not wonder off the path for fear of snakes. This is how I spend my life being terrified.

The tranquility of the countryside was also destroyed by a cycling family. The youngest member was screaming, "I can't do this daddy" at the top of her lungs. The cries went on for hours across the woodland.I can't help feeling that if my dad forced me on a bikeride i'd be crying too.

The second walk was more of a success walking by a willow lined reservoir, which had seemed bleak in winter. Pity the camera has run out of batteries.

Saturday's walk was inspiring. Photos to follow soon. I allowed myself to get lost for a while and to use my instincts to guide me back- there seems something deep routed in that.

I can't help but feel vulnerable though as a young woman alone in the countryside. Pity I haven't got a humongous dog to walk by my side-something that rips through flesh.

Food is in its correct place at the minute. It is just a meal. However, I am worried about going back to my parent's house and being let loose on the junk in their cupboards.

House hunting will commence Tuesday. I'll keep you informed.

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David on 14/7/08 5:58 pm said...

Here, I'll offer a partial solution: Go back to your forest walk, and as for the snakes, what you do is, as you are walking, you holler out periodically "MMMM, snake soup tonight! Hope I find some snakes to kill and eat!!" and you'll terrify them instead. As for the cycling family.. all you do is carry a rifle and wave it around a lot when one comes near, and they'll vanish off right quick, making as little noise as possible. Sorry that I can't help with the dog though.. You could try carrying with you a recording of a loud, vicious sounding dog and act like one is about to appear at any moment.. Just a thought.

Hope your further walks are successful and enjoyable. :)

Stella said...

Thanks for your kind suggestions, David...


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