Sunday, 2 March 2008

Not alone

Posted by Violet Cream at precisely 8:17 pm
It came to my attention today how many people do have issues with their weight. I was reading a couple of my diet books and I realised that it wasn't just us fatties who were coping with their weight, but even slim people have food issues and a fight on their hands each day. Today was quite special, I received some guidance from a couple of people regarding weight issues.

According to both diet books, I need to live my life as a slim person. That is to say walk about in their shoes each day, to learn a correct way of weight adjustment. I need to choose to stay slim!

This diet talk bores me slightly, I will confess. What you hear from people is the tip of the iceberg in terms of their personal problems. What has excited me this week is my desire to exercise.

I took myself off into the country to walk round another lake today. The wind was biting. I was looking for a shorter end to my walk but I was thrilled that I was out there. As it is mother's day today there were loads of mothers and their children walking round the lake. Yes most of them were slim. It seems that slim people do compensate for Sunday lunches with walks.

Treated myself to a trip to a neighbouring town, where they had a farmers market. Bought olives and stopped off at a veggie shop for some veggie fayre and a mango lassi, which i'm horrified to say I ate and drank in the car on the way home, being unable to wait until a normal tea time. All balanced and good you think?

I had a nap in the evening. I woke wanting a little "breakfast" so I ate two Italian biscuits with my tea. Sadly the tea outlasted the biscuits so I added two caramel digestives to this impromptu snack. Feeling dispirited. Perhaps i should have had a smaller cup of tea?

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